Saturday, 11 August 2012

55 Dofollow Social Book Marking Site List

What is social News? Is social Information the same as social Bookmarking?

Websites like digg, Stumbleupon and Propeller focus on submitting of 
social bookmarks of news-related products such as state policies, 
sports, technology, etc. These websites will frequently characteristic dividing 
statements and blog owners talking about the current news products.
Social news websites are dissimilar of standard social bookmarking 
websites by concentrating on specific articles and websites sort of 
than websites. On account of this, they can be a great resource of 
news, and they as well offer the power to sign up in the conversation
 by writing feedback on popular news products.

Dear viewers I am providing 55 do follow social bookmarking site list . 
 SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES                                     PR                                                    3                                         3                                                   2                                                   2                                                     2                                            2                                              2                                        2                                         2                                                  2                                                     2                                                   2                                                      2                                              2                                                             2                                                 2                                                   2                                                   2                            2                                     2                                            1                        1                                                 3                                            3                                                 3                                            4                                                   8                                                         7                                              8

http://                                                     7                                       1                                                        1                                       1                               1                                         1                                          4                                           2                                      2                                                          3                                                                                                  1                                                           1                                                     2                                                        1                                            2                                                   1                                                             1                                                            4                                            3                                                    3                                                              4                                                   3                                                                 3

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