Sunday, 23 September 2012

Apply Custom Foot Print to search the Niches Forums For Creating Forums Profile Link (SEO Tips)

Can you imagine how the SEO expert get a number of high page rank niche forum sites within just few minutes? The secret thing is that the custom footprint. It is very useful. When you drop down your custom foot print with anchor text on your browser and get hundreds of niche forums site whatever you want in searching results. Today I will show you how to do it-

For an example if you want to create forum profile signature link for your seo niche website. Your custom foot print with anchor text will be-
inurl:"profile.php" "powered by punbb" "signature" “seo”
inurl:"member.php" "powered by mybb" "signature" “seo”
inurl:"profile.php" "powered by fluxbb" "signature" “seo tips”
inurl:"member.php" "powered by vbulletin" "signature" “make money”
inurl:"viewtopic.php" " powered by ip.board " "signature" “work from home”
inurl:"viewtopic.php" " powered by phpbb " "signature" “seo tips”
inurl:"viewtopic.php" " powered by phpbb3" "signature" “make money forums”
inurl:"viewtopic.php" " powered by invision power board " "signature" “make money forums”
inurl:"viewtopic.php" " powered by xmb " "signature" “make money blogging”
inurl:"viewtopic.php" " powered by: fudforum " "signature" “make money blogging”
inurl:"viewtopic.php" “powered by seo-board”"signature" “make money blogging”
inurl:"viewtopic.php" " powered by ubb.threads " "signature" “make money”
inurl:"viewtopic.php" " powered by xennobb " "signature" “work from home”
inurl:"viewtopic.php" " powered by ubb.threads " "signature" “work from home”

After signing up the forum you should apply the bb code to create the forum profile link -
 [url=http://your website url/]your keyword[/url]
 I am providing my site and the anchor text below-
[url=]work from home[/url]

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