Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Kontera Advertisement Network Could Be The best Google Adsense Alternative (Kontera Review-2012)

Kontera Advertisement Network
In my previous post I actually have mentioned regarding different google adsense alternative advertising network review. Now I will be able to point out some other text link ad program that name is Kontera. Kontera advertisement network is comparable to Infolinks. They have set out their business before Adbrite and Infolinks and still they're leading their business decently.
Kontera is an In-Text Advertisement publishing network; they scan the web site and fit keywords on their database and indicate Ads consequently. Therefore If Keywords meets their database, it seems Highlighted and double underlined and once you move your mouse pointer to it then a popup banner displays Advertisements.

Link Wheel Strategy 2012 with the Best SEO Tips

Link wheel strategy-2012
 Dear visitor today I will share with you the link wheel strategy on the best SEO tips. Please don’t jump out till reading this full article. As a webmaster you could realize it well than me that how tough to get rank your keyword in top to major search engines result likes Google, yahoo, Bing etc. You know why increasing keywords ranking are valuable? All are relies on your link building strategy. 
Seven notable tips are given bellow for the link building technique: 
1.       Article submissions
2.       Blog Commenting
3.       Social Bookmarking
4.       Guest Blogging
5.       Link exchange
6.       Link wheel
7.       Forum posting